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After death threats, burglars strike Cameroon LGBT defender

“This is not a simple burglary,” he said during an interview on June 19.. “It is obvious that this unexpected visit is because of my commitment to human rights, because people have been going out of their way recently to threaten me personally for my work defending LGBT people.”

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26th June 2013 17:14

Alessia Valenza

Anti-gay hooligans continue to harass Michel Togué, one of the few lawyers in Cameroon who accepts LGBT people as clients. Following death threats that he has received by phone and mail in recent months, his offices were burglarized on June 16. The burglars took his laptop, passport, USB memory devices, and a variety of confidential materials.

When Togué returned to his office that day, he found that the grill securing the main entrance had been cut and the lock forced. His office door was broken open. Associates’ offices were invaded. In his office, the contents of his desk were rifled and left overturned. In the next room, containing confidential records, everything was searched from top to bottom

A friend’s belongings, including shirts, perfumes, handbags, etc., were stolen. Cabinets were searched, their contents scattered, the drawers left open. The thieves took his laptop, a small money box, personal items, and two USB memory sticks containing confidential documents.

Also among the stolen items was Togué’s passport, which he need for travel that he had planned for the next week. In the drawer next to his passport, he kept an envelope containing nearly 1,300 euros. That envelope had been opened, but the money was left inside. It has just been re-opened and left in its place. Since then, Togué has kept the envelope and its contents with him at all times.

Togué said he had been at the office around noon on June 16. The break-in must have occurred that afternoon before 6 p.m., when the security guard arrived.

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