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Act on the persecutions of LGBT people in Iraq

RFSL demands that Sweden, also as president country of the EU, act forcefully on the ongoing persecution of LGBT people in Iraq

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30th October 2009 16:08

stephenbarris | ILGA Europe


Press Release from RFSL: On Monday, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) presented a report clearly stating that militia groups are guilty of systematic kiliings of men who are not, or who are not perceieved as, heterosexual or manly enough. Amnesty has previousy reported on the same topic.

It is not enough to condemn the ongoing cleansing. We encourage Sweden to explore the possibilities of evacuating homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders who face the risk of sexual cleansing, the president of RFSL Sören Juvas, says in a comment.

The HRW report "They Want Us Exterminated – Murder, Torture, Sexual Orientation and Gender in Iraq" can be downloaded from

The report, which is based on on site investigations in April this year, states that hundreds of LGBT people have been murdered in Iraq in the last five years. In many instances in a beastial way. The murders are committed by different islamist militia while police and courts in Iraq choose to close their eyes.

– We demand that the Swedish government stop sending back all Iraqi who are seeking asylum on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity or who risk falling victim to the murder campaigns, Sören Juvas continues.

HRW recommends in the report that the countries outside of the Iraqi vicinity to where Iraqi LGBT people flee acknowledge the legal danger they are in and allow them to stay; and that the surrounding in different ways support the work to improve the respect of human rights in Iraq.


For more information, please contact Sören Juvas, president of RFSL,

Phone: +46-709-525 132, e-mail: