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A survey of Hong Kong students to accept homosexuality

A survey found that more than 970 respondents on sexual orientation is heterosexual college students, more than 90% students of teachers, and students are gay, 60 percent think the government should be 2 discrimination legislation on sexual orientation, 6 to 6 in favor of the legalization of same-sex marriage. investigating agencies believe that college students high degree of acceptance of homosexuals, hope that the SAR 10 years, the government enacted 'gay marriage.'

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15th January 2012 00:06

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia


Hong Kong Chinese University Students’ Union Clubs Association of Hong Kong in October last year aptitude unlimited plan for ‘college students views on homosexuality,’ an online survey, found that 972% of respondents, seven adult homosexuals have been in contact with more than 9% of the students of teachers, and students are gay. In addition, more than 8% of the respondents believe that homosexual students in different situations, including schools, universities and religious gatherings in serious discrimination(

The survey also simultaneously access the respondents were of equal opportunities to protect the views of those comrades, the results showed that nearly 9 adults think schools should teach students to respect people of different sexual orientation, 60% 2 of the students surveyed think the Government should be legislation on sexual orientation discrimination, 6 to 6 in favor of gay marriage.

Among the respondents, a quarter of students who are Christians, 40% said 2, support legislation on sexual orientation discrimination, the more people against more than 2 to 6 In addition, although there are 4 to 7 students against Christians same-sex marriage, but also up to 30% 2 support.

Students will be responsible for the investigation of the Managing Director means, survey results reflect the students generally accept homosexuality, he said, students will be held today in the Sub-Committee on the establishment of ‘gender focus group’ to deal with gender-related issues both inside and outside the campus, improve the campus for gender issues atmosphere of the discussion, he hoped, to meet with President Joseph Sung, expression of promoting social justice, sound, and hope that the new Government legislation in 10 years through the ‘gay marriage.’

Council members said the social welfare sector, encouraged by the results of the survey that the students of the more open attitude toward homosexuality, he pointed out that Hong Kong since 1993 to discuss sexual orientation discrimination legislation has been nearly 20 years, there is sufficient basis for legislation, ‘the body in the city today, if the Government not to sexual  orientation discrimination legislation, the government should be ashamed of the community.’

Yesterday’s press conference, gay Adger (a pseudonym) has just graduated from university, he said with love dating boyfriend 2 years, has been careful to protect their identity, ‘the parents found out that my sexual orientation, it is difficult to accept and asked me to break up immediately I love only with her boyfriend underground development. ‘Adger from the words, cherish this relationship, hoping to get married with her boyfriend in Hong Kong, that marriage is a lifelong commitment to partner, and get the blessings of family and friends to witness. He urged the Government to accelerate the pace of sexual orientation discrimination legislation to make same-sex marriage can be legalized.