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A new report by Forced Migration Review on SOGI and the protection of forced migrants now online

This latest issue of FMR (published by the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University) includes 26 articles on the abuse of rights of forced migrants around the world who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex. Authors from around the world discuss both the challenges faced and examples of good practice in securing protection for LGBTI forced migrants.

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9th May 2013 16:40

Alessia Valenza

It is available online at in English in pdf, html and audio formats, and will also be available in French, Spanish and Arabic. It will be available in print in all four languages.

We would be very happy to send you copies (it?s free of charge). We would also hugely appreciate your help in disseminating information about this issue so that as many people/organisations get to see it as possible ? please do forward this email, add the issue to your resources listings, Tweet about the issue, etc. We hope it will be a useful tool for awareness raising, training and advocacy.

Feel free to circulate or reproduce any of the articles or the full issue (pls acknowledge the source).

We have also produced a four-sided A4 brochure introducing the issue and providing details, plus web links, for all articles. Now online in English  at This ?FMR42 Listing? brochure (ideal for conferences ? lighter and cheaper to disseminate) will be available online and in print in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Requesting copies: If would like to receive copies of the full issue and/or the FMR42 Listing brochure for your organisation and/or for distribution to
partners/policymakers or for use at conferences/workshops, please contact us at with details of how many and in which languages (and your full postal address/es).

Print copies will be available from about 20th May but it would be helpful to receive requests as soon as possible, especially if you think you need/could use lots of copies.

If you know of forthcoming conferences for which this issue might be relevant, do send us the details and we will contact the organisers. Thank you!