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4 Kuwaiti Students Declared Persona Non Grata In UAE

Police arrested a Kuwaiti transvestite in his 20s for attending women’s fashion show in Salmiya. He was referred to the Criminal Investigation Department, reports Al-Rai daily. The transvestite attended the show wearing women clothes but he was discovered by the manager who ordered him to leave, but he refused and argued with her. Attendees called police who rushed to the location and arrested him.

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24th February 2014 10:18

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

They were ordered to leave the country, indicating none of them will be allowed to enter the country if the person is outside the UAE. Sources believe that the decision was based on the recommendation of the security apparatus of the UAE, under speculations that the four students belong to the Muslim Brotherhood or other related organizations. Informed sources close to the Ministry of Higher Education noted that Ajman University has officially addressed the Kuwaiti embassy through appropriate means on terminating the studies of the Kuwaiti students because they are ‘unwelcome’ in the United Arab Emirates. They said the letter from the university to the Kuwaiti embassy did not elaborate on the reasons for the action taken against the Kuwaiti students.

He pointed out that Kuwaiti embassy in UAE is trying to find out what had led to decision of ending the studies of these Kuwaiti students and why they are unwanted in the UAE, and then seek to address the problem. They reiterated that some of the students in Ajman and Sharjah universities have graduated while others have yet to earn their Masters degree. Like all other Kuwaiti students, the students in question adhere to the rules and regulations.