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2012 Sepas Award Nominees Announced

In memory of Saviz Shafaei?s 61st Birthday, the Sepas Group is pleased to announce their 2012 award nominees in recognition and appreciation of their contribution to the Iranian queer community/cause.

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31st August 2012 09:26

Alessia Valenza | ILGA North America

The nominees in Performing Art Award category are:
A) Iman Shakib: For his animation, White Paper (Kaghaz-e Sefid), on diversity and queer cause.
B) Mohammad Khordadian: For being the first Iranian gay performer and came out publicly on TV.
C) Shahin Najafi: For Bad-Az-To music video that is the first ever song on diversity and sexual intimacy among Iranian society and breaking a big taboo by including the homosexual sense at the clip.
D) Saye Sky: For her lyrics and music videos on homosexuality.

The nominees in Activism Award category are:
A) Susan Taslimi: For her public support of Iranian queer human rights as the first Iranian actress and celebrity at the International Day Against Homophobia Day.
B) Shohre Solati: For her public support of Iranian queers as the first Iranian vocalist at the International Day Against Homophobia Day.
C) Kambiz Hosseini: For his public support of Iranian queer cause at the International Day Against Homophobia and his courage to regret that he was a homophobic person and he is not anymore.

The nominees in Media Award category are:
A) Susan Taslimi: For directing the Iranian Voices projects that mostly covered the Iranian queer human rights.
B) Ali Hamedani: For his long time support for Iranian queer human rights cause and all his media coverage as a BBC

The nominees in Writing Award category are:
A) Farkhondeh Aghaei: The author of Jensiyat-e Gomshode that is a story of an Iranian transsexual and all her dilemmas.
B) Saeideh Saadat: The author of Iranische Lesben in Deutschland und Europa that covered the difficulties and
situations of Iranian female homosexuals.

The nominees in International Award category are:
A) Riksteatern based in Stockholm, Sweden for Iranian Voices Project.
B) Swedish International Development Agency for Iranian Voices Project and sponsoring several conferences on Iranian queer human rights.
C) KAOS GL based in Ankara for supporting Iranian queer refugees in Turkey and providing social services. The Sepas Group will announce their 2012 award recipients on the 10th anniversary of the Iranian Queer Voice Celebration Week which is from September 24th to October 1st 2012 after reviewing and consulting their work and its impact.

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