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First Gay Christian Wedding in Thailand

in THAILAND, 13/02/2012

In his November 2011 annual report to Other Sheep, Ken wrote: "On November 11 (2011) I will conduct Thailand's first Christian wedding of a lesbian couple. There have been other weddings of an indigenous nature (sometimes with a nominal Buddhist element), but there are no Christian pastors who are willing to break with tradition and risk reprobation."

Ken Dobson, who officiated the wedding, has a long history of ministry in Thailand, and, in more recent years, a unique ministry with and among LGBT people of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In 2009, my partner Jose and I had the privilege of meeting Rev. Ken, staying in his home, and meeting some of the LGBT people among whom he ministers. At that time, Rev. Ken published some of his writings on our Other Sheep web site and assumed an active role of keeping Other Sheep abreast of his ministry in Thailand. Subsequent to the Other Sheep annual meeting of November 11, 2011, Ken accepted the role of Other Sheep Coordinator for Thailand.

Watch the video of the wedding by clicking here.

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