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Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum rakes Herman Cain over gay marriage issue

in UNITED STATES, 19/10/2011

Rick Santorum, continuing to try to stake out territory as the most stalwart social conservative in the presidential race, tonight raked fellow GOP’er Herman Cain for his “refusal to defend traditional marriage.”

In a written statement, Santorum notes that on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning, Cain said he “wouldn’t seek a constitutional ban for same sex marriage” and that states “would make up their own minds.”

Santorum said: “I have been a long-time advocate for states’ rights. However, I believe as Abraham Lincoln did – that states don’t have the rights to legalize moral wrongs.

“Mr. Cain, Congresswoman (Michele) Bachmann and Governor (Rick) Perry all believe 50 different definitions of marriage is fine, I strongly disagree and will continue fighting for traditional marriage between one man and woman.”

David Gregory of “Meet the Press” probed Cain about many topics, including his 9-9-9 tax plan, race, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, neoconservatism, illegal immigration, and whether his wife Gloria is a reluctant campaigner.

Santorum zeroed in on the gay marriage issue.

Same-sex marriage is a minefield in the Iowa GOP caucus electorate. The Des Moines Register’s Iowa Poll in late June showed that 58 percent of Republican likely caucusgoers would outright reject a candidate who supports civil unions for gay couples – an option that’s considered more moderate that gay marriage.

Santorum campaigned in Iowa today – the same day it was confirmed that the long-absent Cain, a national leader in the polls, will return to Iowa next weekend for the first time since August.

In an interview with Radio Iowa’s Kay Henderson tonight, Santorum said: “The idea that this is issue should be left to the states is the position Barack Obama takes and it’s not the right position.”

In the news release, Santorum stressed that he “was the only 2012 presidential contender to travel to Iowa and campaign in opposition to Iowa State Supreme Court Justices who decided to take it upon themselves to redefine marriage.”

Santorum’s spokesman, Hogan Gidley, took the criticism further, saying: “First Herman Cain supported TARP, then he pushed a new 9 percent nationwide tax on top of income taxes, and now he’s supporting the redefinition of marriage at the state level. The more they learn, the more concerned conservatives become.”

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