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First National Pride Against Homophobia in Brasillia.

in BRAZIL, 26/05/2010

This Wednesday, thousands of homosexuals participated to a pride event in Brazillia city centre to ask for gay marriage and a law against discrimination and homophobia.

About 3.000 people with multicolor flags particípated in Brazillia's Pride event that was organízed celebrate the international day against homophobia. 

“Homophobia is a crime” could be read on flags held by protesters in front of Brazillia's Cathedral. They also went to the brasillian parliament where they proclaimed: “In brazil, Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transexual human, social, economic and civil rights are violated everyday”. 

Protesters complain that “religious fundamentalists” use public news media to promote hate against LGBT.
They said that every two days an LGBT person is murdered in Brazil, while hundreds of teenagers have to flee from their home everyday and thousands of people lose their jobs and see their carreers ruined because of their sexual orientation.

Participants demanded a law that authorize homosexual marriage and another one against LGBT discrimination and religious fundamentalism.

Translated by: Yeray Sánchez Martín.

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