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Maya Salgado from ILGA Europe, K. Kahramanoglu & Jordi Petit, current & ex secretary generals of ILG
Spain and Canada open marriage to same-sex couples

in SPAIN, 30/06/2005

Our country takes a further step on the road of freedom and tolerance says Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero

The Spanish parliament approved this morning a new law which will allow same sex marriages and adoptions. The vote in the 350-seat Congress of Deputies was 187 in favour, 147 against and four abstentions.

With the approval of this law, our country takes a further step on the road of freedom and tolerance," said Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Wednesday night, Canada's House of Commons passed landmark legislation authorising same-sex couples to marry by a vote of 158-133.

The legislation is also expected to easily pass the Senate and become federal law by the end of July.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin says it's a critical step for human rights and the protection of minorities. "We are a nation of minorities and in a nation of minorities, it is important that you don't cherry pick rights. A right is a right," he added.

Spain therefore becomes the third European country after Belgium and the Netherlands to legalize same sex marriages and adoptions. New Zealand and Switzerland recently approved same sex partnership laws. On Sunday June 5th, the Swiss people finally approved the same-sex partnership law with a clear 58% vote in favour, thus becoming the first people in the world to directly approve same sex partnerships.

ILGA wishes to join the following ILGA members in their celebration

in Spain...

Associació de Famílies Lesbianes i Gais, Spain
Col.lectiu Lambda de Lesbianes i Gais del País Valencià, Spain
Colectivo de Lesbianas y Gays de Madrid, Spain
Coordinadora Gai-Lesbiana, Spain
Federación Andaluza de Asociaciones de Lesbianas y Gays - CoLeGa, Spain
Federación Española de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales, Spain
Frente de Liberación de Gays y Lesbianas de Canarias, Spain
Fundación Triángulo por la Igualdad Social de Gays y Lesbianas , Spain
GEHITU - Asociación de Gays y Lesbianas del País Vasco, Spain
Grupo Federal de Gays y Lesbianas del PSOE, Spain
Plataforma Popular Gay, Spain

... and Canada
ARC International, Canada
Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Canada
Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario, Canada
Coalition Gaie et Lesbienne du Quebec, Canada
EGALE Canada, Canada
Immigration and Refugee Board Resource Centre of Vancouver, Canada
Table de concertation des lesbiennes et des gais du Québec, Canada

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