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Referendum on same sex partnership in Switzerland

in SWITZERLAND, 06/06/2005

Switzerland becomes the first people in the world to directly approve same sex partnerships

When the Swiss Parliament decided by a 3/4 majority to accept the same-sex partnership law in June 2004, the LGBT community knew they could expect some reactions from the most conservative parties. It was not long before two of them gathered the 50 000 signatures necessary to question the parliament’s decision and put the law to popular vote.

On Sunday June 5th, the Swiss people finally approved the same-sex partnership law with a clear 58% vote in favour. Though the law prohibits adoption and artificial insemination for same-sex couples, it is a clear symbol as it is the first time in World history that a whole nation is being asked to express approval for the legal recognition of same-sex partnerships rights.

ILGA wishes to congratulate ILGA members LOS, Pink Cross, Collegati, Dialogai, Habs Basel, Hab Bern, Hab Zurich, Haberli, Juragai, Lestime, Vogay, 360° and all other LGBT groups involved as well as Yves de Matteis, European representative on ILGA’s World Board for their successful campaign.

Switzerland is therefore the 14th country to legally recognise same-sex relationships.
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