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ILGA-LAC Conference Lima

in PERU, 17/07/2007

4th Regional Conference in Latin America and the Caribbean

After its 3rd Regional Conference held in Chile in 2004, ILGA will hold its 4th meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The conference will take place in Lima from 20 – 23 of September 2007. It aims at gathering a large number of activists dealing with LGBT issues in Latin America and the Caribbean (ILGA members and non members) to further progress their advancement.

A regional consultation only makes sense if a great number of activists from all regions of Latin America and the Caribbean attend. We have been working to secure enough funding to bring around 40 activists to the conference. It is equally important though that groups decide themselves what will be the agenda of the meeting.

That is why we invite you to join us in web-forums where you, as groups but also as individuals will be able to propose the workshops of the conference, candidate activists for elections, decide what should be their mandate after the conference, submit ideas or proposals to be voted at the conference. The conference is also likely to draft and adopt a regional constitution.

We trust this process will be a transparent event, providing accessible information to all activist and groups involved with the conference, so they are able to participate and make informed decisions. We have therefore created a website in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

We invited you to visit the conference website to get more detailed information about ILGA and its fourth regional conference in Latin America and the Caribbean. We hope to see you in Lima.


Gloria Careaga
Beto de Jesús
Belissa Andía Pérez
ILGA-LAC Board Members
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