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Code 9 on census form irks transgenders

in INDIA, 30/06/2013

Transgenders across Tamil Nadu are completely upset and feel insulted as ‘9’ has been given as the number to identify them under ‘Others’ category in the Sixth Economics Census form.

The ‘number nuisance’ came to light after Shanmugham, an employee of private firm from Coimbatore, brought this to the notice of transgender Swapna Karthick of Madurai through Facebook.

In the gender identity column in the Sixth Economic Census Form (Tamil), Male has been identified with the code (1); Female (2) and Others (9). The ‘Others’ stands for transgender and lesbian/gay/bisexual communities, said Shanmugham.

Already the transgenders were struggling to get ration card, EPIC and other documents as the government had failed to provide separate column for other genders in these official cards, rued Swapna who has been waging a legal battle for not providing a separate column for other genders in the UPSC exams.

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