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The benefits of female condoms

in MALAYSIA, 02/06/2013

The female condom looks and works, in many ways, like the male condom. It is a lubricated sheath that is designed to be inserted in the vagina. It prevents mistimed pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by preventing semen from coming in contact with vaginal fluid.

No awkward moment

But there are also added benefits like nullifying those awkward moments of putting on the condom (Do you do it together? Can you look?) and even before that, negotiating its use (Um, did you bring protection?). The female condom can be worn up to 4 hours before actual intercourse, giving women control over contraceptive use.

Its size—it is a lot bigger than its male counterpart—makes it cumbersome and it takes a bit of practice to put it on, but men and women report that it truly fits all penis sizes.

“Men report liking the additional stimulation of the outer vaginal ring and women like the stimulation of the inner ring,” said Beatrijs Janssen, communications advisor of the Universal Access to the Female Condom Joint Programme (UAFC).

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