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Test of shame! Lebanese protest against anal probe for suspected gays. (http://www.rt.com/news/homosexuality-anal-test-protest-lebanon-445/)
Lebanon: Stop ‘Tests of Shame’

in LEBANON, 12/08/2012

Lebanon’s Justice Ministry should immediately issue a directive ordering an end to anal examinations as part of police investigative procedures to determine suspects’ sexual behavior, Human Rights Watch said today. The ministry should follow the lead of the Lebanese Doctor’s Syndicate, which recently denounced the tests as a form of torture.

The Lebanese authorities should drop all homosexuality-related charges against three men arrested during a raid on a cinema in Beirut on July 28, 2012, Human Rights Watch said. The government should take steps to repeal article 534 of the Lebanese penal code, which criminalizes “sexual relations against nature” and is used to prosecute men for homosexuality. Read the full story here

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