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ILGA Conferences

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In 1978, when a group of activists created what is now know as the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), their intention was to create an international network of activists that could efficiently respond to homophobic attacks, and to act as an international platform to collectively campaign against the discrimination, and at times persecution, faced by LGBTI people around the world.


ILGA conferences, which have been held since 1978 are the place where members and allies of the only federation of LGBTI organisations meet to share their experience and best practices, strategize, build alliances and partnerships and elect their representatives.


The highest authority of ILGA is its World Conference, during which Member Organizations, the Executive Board, the Women Secretariat, the Trans Secretariats, the Regional Executive Boards, and many other allies gather together to strategise, network, endorse new members, shape the life of ILGA via proposals and constitutional changes, and to vote for the election of the Co-Secretaries General, the Women Secretariat and the Trans Secretariats.

ILGA conferences are not only important social gatherings, but also a good occasion for activists who campaign in their respective countries to meet and share their experiences. They are also an occasion to learn more about campaigning, develop new skills during workshops and seminars and to coordinate local and international actions.

According to ILGA’s constitution, the World Conference is held at least every two years. Member organizations can bid to host the following world conference and ILGA members attending the conference vote to decide where it will be held next.

During the last ILGA’s World Conference which was held in Sao Paulo in December 2010, Renato Sabbadini and Gloria Careaga were re-elected as Co-Secretaries General of ILGA; Minority Women in Action was elected as Women’s Secretariat and Transsa Dominicana was elected as Trans Secretariat.

Pan Africa ILGA representatives have been elected at the last regional conference held in Johannesburg in May 2007, the ILGA Latin American and Caribbean representatives have been elected in Curitiba at the latest ILGA-LAC Conference in January 2010, the ILGA Asia representatives have been elected at the ILGA-Asia Conference in Chiang Mai (Thailand) in January 2008, and the ILGA-Europe representatives have been elected in Torino, Italy during ILGA-Europe annual conference in October 2011.

The next ILGA World Conference will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, from 10-16 December 2012 (including pre-conferences) in association with the National Swedish LGBTI Federation Riksforbundet for Sexuellt Likaberattigande (RFSL). More information on the XXVI ILGA World Conference is available here


To read more about ILGA world Conferences and their decisions, please read a chronology of ILGA’s work since its foundation in 1978.

  • 26 Stockholm 2012
  • 25 Sao Paulo 2010
  • 24 Vienna 2008
  • 23 Geneva 2006
  • 22 Manila 2003
  • 21 Oakland 2001
  • 20 Rome 2000
  • 19 Johannesburg 1999
  • 18 Cologne 1997
  • 17 Rio de Janeiro 1995
  • 16 New York 1994
  • 15 Barcelona 1993
  • 14 Paris 1992
  • 13 Acapulco 1991
  • 12 Stockholm 1990
  • 11 Vienna 1989
  • 10 Oslo 1988
  • 9 Cologne 1987
  • 8 Copenhagen 1986
  • 7 Toronto 1985
  • 6 Helsinki 1984
  • 5 Vienna 1983
  • 4 Washington, D.C. 1982
  • 3 Turin 1981
  • 2 Barcelona/Santa Catarina d’Aro 1980
  • 1 Amsterdam/Bergen 1979

Foundation Coventry, United Kingdom 1978



ILGA is divided into six regions:

  • Africa
  • Aotearoa/ Australia/ New Zealand/Pacific Islands (ANZAPI)
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) 
  • North America

Some of the world’s regions regularly organise their own regional conferences in order to focus on their local agenda, but that is not always possible due to funding constraints. In such cases, regional strategizing is still possible Activists who do not have the opportunity to join in a regional conference can come together to address local issues during an ILGA world conference.

To read more about ILGA regional conferences (material will be uploaded soon)


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