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Toni Reis, President of the ABGLT speaks of the need to elect pro-gay political parties

in BRAZIL, 09/06/2010

In an article, Toni Reis alert to the importance of voting for candidates committed to LGBT causes

In 2010 there will be elections for the presidency, Senate, House of Representatives, Legislative Assemblies and State Governments. Now is the time to think about who to vote for. In recent years the population of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and transsexual (LGBT) has achieved great visibility, especially through the LGBT Parades, and it calls the attention of candidates looking for votes. We need the stops this year to give the message to future leaders of the main demands of the LGBT movement. The motto of the international InterPride (International Association of Coordinators of LGBT Pride events) this year is: "One heart, one world, a pride" (One heart, one world, one's pride). In Brazil, I would suggest that the motto for all the stops to be held before the election is: "Vote Against Homophobia, Defend Citizenship", following the motto proposed by the Association Parade of LGBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, or other slogans that address the importance of voting.

In May, ABGLT and partner organizations will promote the 1st National March Against Homophobia, culminating in a cry of National Citizenship LGBT, on the lawn of the Ministries Esplanade on the 19th. The March and Cry will also serve to remind the competent authorities of current and wanting to be in the near term, which is still much to ensure that LGBT people have in fact equal rights and that their human rights are respected.

It is crucial to vote for candidates (as) openly advocates (as) the cause of LGBT and our proposals. None of candidatures in the closet. Do not vote for candidates (as) homophobic (the) or staying on the fence. Or are in favor of full citizenship of LGBT people, or against us.

For president, vote for who is essential to undertake to ensure the implementation and maintenance of federal public policies to promote LGBT citizenship. Once the ongoing electoral process, will again ABGLT Letter of Commitment to all (the) the (the) candidates (the) president and disseminate them to see their pledge to the cause and the demands of LGBT people .


In Congress, the candidates (as) to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies must sign an undertaking that they will participate in the Parliamentary Front for LGBT Citizenship; articulate and vote in favor of approval of Bill Hall (PLC) No 122/2006 (criminalizing various forms of discrimination, including sexual orientation and gender identity) and the PLC No. 072/2007 (replacing the first name of a transsexual) and the Project of Law No. 4914/2009 (homoafetivas stable), and help ensure that there is budget for combating homophobia (National Plan for the Promotion of Citizenship and Human Rights of LGBT / Brazil Without Homophobia Program), through individual amendments and committees.

Similarly, in the Legislative Assemblies want candidates who work for the creation and participation in the Parliamentary Front for LGBT Citizenship and submission / approval of bills prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as I have over 112 municipalities and 12 states as well as help ensure budget to combat homophobia in the state executive.

In relation to state governments, it is essential that - like the federal level - all states also have a Plan for the Promotion of Citizenship and Human Rights, LGBT, based on resolutions of the State Conferences LGBT held in 2008, they have an organ in the Executive to coordinate the actions of the Plan (Coordination LGBT) who have a State Council LGBT with significant representation from civil society to assess, monitor and make the social control of the implementation of the State Plan.

You also need the commitment of all (as) / as candidates (as) that they defend the secular state (state where there is no official religion, religious expression are respected, but should not interfere in government decisions), and that (the) candidates (as) do not let their personal beliefs obstruct the right to full citizenship of LGBT people.

Even though many people are disappointed and even frustrated with the Policy, you must believe that many (as) candidates (as) has good intentions and ethics. It is essential, in addition to exercise their right and duty to vote, accompany the mandate. Do you remember who you voted for governor, state legislator, federal or senator in the last election? What are the public statements that he or she has done about LGBT people? What made for the LGBT population? Implemented policies for LGBT? Participated in any LGBT event? He joined a Parliamentary Front LGBT?

Take that when voting this year, vote for LGBT citizenship and homophobia. 

* Toni Reis is president of the Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender - ABGLT.

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