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Warsaw Pride

in POLAND, 06/06/2006

Warsaw gives go-ahead to gay pride parade

WARSAW (Reuters) - Warsaw's conservative authorities will allow a gay pride parade in the Polish capital later this month after rejecting similar requests for the last few years, city officials said on Thursday.

But the ruling conservatives, whose anti-gay comments have raised eyebrows in Western Europe, are also allowing a rival parade by a nationalist youth group to march on the same day in the same part of the city.

The two groups have previously clashed at similar marches. "The city of Warsaw has approved two parades to take place on June 10," Warsaw officials said in a statement.

The officials did not say why they were allowing the parade this year but the decision comes after pressure from human rights activists and European Union officials to allow it.

Local media have said prominent German politicians were planning to take part in the parade, protesting against what critics say is homophobia by the ruling Law and Justice party and its fringe nationalist government partners.

Law and Justice officials have opposed the march because it promoted a homosexual lifestyle that they say runs counter to their traditional, religious values. A leader of the co-ruling League of Polish Families party went a step further, saying the local homosexual community was linked to paedophiles and other criminal groups. Gay groups vehemently reject such allegations.

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