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Support for the Warsaw Pride March Gathers

in POLAND, 10/06/2005

This week the Polish Union of Jewish Students has decided to join ILGA and other LGBT-rights movements in condemning the banning of the Warsaw pride march

The Polish Union of Jewish Students protests against the banning of Warsaw Pride 2005. The only aim of that demonstration is to promote tolerance and equality of all citizens. It is a parade of all citizens, equal in their rights and equal to each other. This is a demonstration of all people who feel discriminated against or excluded, and also of all those for whom human rights, equality and tolerance are basic concepts.

As members of the Jewish minority in Poland we feel disturbed when the rights of other minorities are being limited and when State authorities promote one ideology and one morality only. This contradicts the idea of a democratic state, rule of law and civil society. Amnesty International in its report published in 2004 stated that the ban put on the Warsaw Pride last year was a violation of human rights.

Young Jews, like other Polish citizens, hold different ethical convictions and worldviews. We believe, however, that no-one can be limited in their constitutional rights or deprived of them.

We base this conviction on the inalienable character of human rights, the greatest achievement of the 20th century. They are a supreme achievement of civilization, a triumph over the series of tragic experiences, in which the primacy of abstract systems and State violence had lead to the greatest crimes in the history of humankind.


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